Illustrative Portrait of Artist with his paintings displayed in the background

Artist Micheal Jewela photographed with Angle paintings.

Portrait of automotive industry executive leaning against "Cars" mural.
​Illustrative portrait of music educator and symphonic conductor hold baton and leaning on grand piano.
Graphic portrait of high school band director and educator in his office with dramatic lighting and showing the clutter of a well used office.
​Illustrative portrait of two business communication specialist in library stacks holding books.
A dramatically lit illustrative portrait of a music educator standing in his office photographed through a chicken wire security window.
A portrait of Chamber of Commerce Director at historic school offices with doorway.

Portrait of executive in lobby of offices.
​Portrait of husband and wife business owners posing in their bakery with their bundt cakes.
​Portrait of floral shop business owner in his lobby with fresh flowers.
​Illustrative portrait of craftsman in his workshop leaning on wood working machine.
Portrait of message therapist.
Outdoor illustrative portrait of electrician and educator  union school with large solar array in background.
Executive portrait of  business professional leaning against hand railing with architectural curved walkway in background.
Outdoor portrait of real estate professional  on sky deck of building with Chicago skyline, river and Lake Michigan in background.
Illustrative author portrait taken outdoors in winter with snow and trees in the background.
Portrait of doctor and board member in hallway of hospital with graphic architectural lines
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